Jane Rushton

Jane Rushton’s inspires and motivates people by sharing her journey of her near fatal, head on car accident in Balcutha, New Zealand in 1992 where she was unrecognisable and had to learn to walk again. After many surgery’s Jane realised she had to make a choice to be a victim or to learn how to heal herself and create more happiness in any area her life. With Jane's easy formula, "MIND TRICKS 5 KEY STEPS" Jane and her clients have discovered how to create more balance, bliss and productivity in their life's. Easily and effortlessly

Jane, a successful Author, MIND TRICKS Coach, Spiritual Healer, Pilates and Gym Instructor, as well as an International Netball Festival coordinator and Director of two companies, has been an entrepreneur since the age of twenty-four.

Jane’s has been inspired to share her vision, started over twenty years ago when she began her search to find direction in life to uncover her passions and work through life’s challenges. Jane 's say's "Life's a Roller-coaster it's good to learn how to reduce the dips in life". She has studied so many modalities in Personal Development, Natural Therapies, exercise and rehabilitation she has lost count.

Jane second book “I lost My Face” Janes' full encounter of her recovery will be published in November 2017, Jane will share with you her journey form the first days of her accident and how she has chosen to live with her injuries and ongoing operation whilst living a fit, healthy life with her adoring husband Nick and 4 wonderful children, Olliver 21, Holly 19 , Aimee-Rose 17 and Trent 14